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Musician Julie Bernard at mic


Growing up in the 60s in San Francisco, music was all around me from free concerts in Golden Gate Park to endless shows at all the music venues in the city. As a teenage girl, seeing Jimi Hendrix and Big Brother at Winterland was life-changing. When Janis sang “Piece of My Heart”, it felt like she pulled a piece of mine out of my chest because every word she sang came from deep in her soul. When Jimi set his guitar on fire, I was mesmerized. I thought, “Could I ever express myself with such authenticity and passion?"

I have enjoyed quite a few different professions over the years, but always felt an angst inside like something was missing. I would often think about Bob Dylan’s song “Like a Rolling Stone”, like I was a rolling stone just tumbling along. Fifteen years ago I finally realized music was what I loved more than anything. Since then, it has been a remarkable unfolding of creativity, fulfillment, and fun, and no more angst.

I have had the good fortune to play with some incredibly gifted musicians. When we are playing and deeply listening to each other and connecting through the music, it is a spiritual experience. When we communicate that feeling to an audience, it is magic. I am deeply grateful for how music has transformed my life, the many wonderful experiences I have had so far, for the people whose lives I have touched, and for finally following my heart.

Your singing took my breath away. Can’t even find the words to explain it. Utterly transforming to see and hear you. Thank you for being you. You knocked me out.

Sharon L.

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